Privacy Policy

  1. Applicability
    1. This ORBIT Privacy Policy applies to all Users of the Site and to all information and data gathered by ORBIT during such use.The Sitecontains links to the Affiliated Sites and may contain links to other sites not owned or controlled by ORBIT or its affiliates or subsidiaries. ORBIT is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any other third party sites.Except as defined herein, all terms are defined in the Terms of Use.
  2. Personal Data
    1. ORBIT may gather and store Personal Information of Users. The term “Personal Information” means information voluntarily disclosed to ORBIT by Users, including names, addresses, account usernames and passwords, and other information used in ORBIT’s registration form or other data not voluntarily disclosed but compiled based on Users’ practices and use of the Site.
  3. Use
    1. ORBIT may use the Personal Information as prescribed by applicable laws in the Kingdom of Bahrain or other jurisdictions where ORBIT does business and shall have the right to copy, generate, reproduce, and store such information for its internal or commercial purposes. Upon request, Users shall have the option to delete their own Personal Information by deleting their ORBIT accounts or modifying it in accordance with procedures provided at the Site or communicated to the User directly on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Minor Users
    1. In order to become an ORBIT member, a minor person must verify that his or her use of the Site and provision of Personal Information have been authorized by the minor’s parent or guardian. The minor’s parent or guardian are contractually responsible and remain liable hereunder for the minor’s use of the Site in accordance with the Terms of Use.
  5. Cookies
    1. Upon entering the Site, a cookie is automatically sent to the User’s computer in the form of a text filethat detects whether the User’s computer has previously visited the Site and collects data on the areas visited at the Site and duration of each visit. If the User refuses to permit cookies from ORBIT, certain Content or access to the Site may be denied or delayed.
  6. Information Collected
    1. In addition to Personal Information, ORBIT may collect or compile the following information: (i) any voluntarily provided information using products and services at the Site, (ii) information communicated with other third parties using methods and forums provided at the Site as permitted by law, (iii) information provided to complete any transaction at or using the Site, (iv) information related to location of access using the User’s mobile devices, and (v) device identifier and Internet Protocol Address, (vi) unique application numbers associated with applications downloaded from the Site, and (vii) historical locally collected and stored information on the User’s device.
    2. ORBIT collects information about the Users using standardtracking technology and common practices that are widely used by all vendors, including cookies, flash cookies, web beacons, and third party traffic monitoring and tracking services as permitted by applicable laws.
    3. ORBIT may share the User’s Personal Information and other collected information with its subsidiaries and affiliates. ORBIT will not share the User’s Personal Information and other collected information with other third parties without the User’s consent or except as permitted by applicable laws.
  7. Users’ Control
    1. By contacting ORBIT using the Site, a User of the Site may have the following options with respect to ORBIT’s collection, storage and use of the Personal Information and other data and information collected at the Site: (i) access, modify, update, correct, and delete the ORBIT account and related Personal Information, (ii) accept or refuse any subscription to ORBIT’s communications and services, and (iii) elect to have the Personal Information shared by ORBIT with third parties.
    2. As permitted by applicable laws, ORBIT will limit its collection of information from minor Users and will provide their parents or guardians the same rights set forth above with respect to the Personal Information collected about their respective minors.
    3. ORBIT may transfer the Personal Information to its various departments, branches, subsidiaries and affiliates across the world as permitted by applicable laws and subject to ORBIT’s implementation of reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality, privacy and security of such information.
  8. Modification
    1. ORBIT reserves the right to, and shall from time to time, change thisPrivacy Policyto accommodate its commercial objectives, legal requirements, new technologies, industry practices, or any other reasonable purpose.
    2. Except as required by applicable laws, the User is deemed to have consented and hereby consents to ORBIT’s modification of any provision of this Privacy Policy.
  9. Contact Us
  10. If the User has a comment or question about this Privacy Policy, please contact ORBIT at the following address:

    ORBIT Group
    PO BOX 18487
    Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Phone: +973 17318080
    Fax:     +973 17681025