Prior to the launch of Orbit, television in the Middle East was the domain of State broadcasters and a handful of satellite delivered Direct-to-Home (DTH) channels. Following the first Gulf War, demand and appetite for news and entertainment skyrocketed ... a paradigm shift was needed.

Established in 1993, Orbit capitalized on this opportunity and in May 1994 launched the world’s first fully digital, multi-channel, multi-lingual satellite television and radio service. More importantly, for the Middle East this marked the birth of:

A new industry
A new contributor to GDP from a non-oil sector was formed, forming new jobs, new talent and new supply chain effects.

A new viewership culture
Digital quality content delivered through a state of the art interactive box, providing 24/7 blockbuster programming in all genres, where new freedom of expression and opinion were experienced.

A new competitive environment
New qualitative entry bar was established.